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Grading Policies

Grading Scale:
A: 90-100%
B: 80-89%
C: 70-79%
D: 60-69%
F: Below 60%

Extra Credit:
  • AP classes: +5% to the final grade
  • Dual Credit classes: +10% to the final grade

Grading Criteria:
  • Tests and quizzes: 40%
  • Homework and class participation: 30%
  • Projects and papers: 20%
  • Final exam: 10%
  • Note: The final exam will be worth 20% in AP and Dual Credit classes.

Make-up Work:
  • Students will have one day for each day of absence to make up missed work.
    If a student is absent on the day of a major assignment or exam, the student must arrange with the teacher to make up the work within one week of returning to school.

Academic Integrity:
Plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated. Any student caught engaging in these activities will receive a zero on the assignment and may face further disciplinary action.