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Community Resources

  1. Edlio Central High School Parent-Teacher Association (PTA):

    • Description: Engage with other parents and school staff to support and enhance the educational experience. Stay informed about school events, initiatives, and volunteer opportunities through PTA meetings.
  2. Local Library - Edlio Central Branch:

    • Description: A hub for educational resources, including books, research materials, and computer access. Attend workshops and events for both students and parents to promote literacy and community involvement.
  3. Edlio Community Recreation Center:

    • Description: Access affordable fitness programs, recreational activities, and community events. Stay active and connected while fostering a sense of community with other families.
  4. Edlio Youth Services Bureau:

    • Description: Provides counseling, mentorship, and support services for students and families. Address academic, emotional, and social needs through personalized assistance and programs.
  5. Edlio Food Bank and Assistance Program:

    • Description: Offers food assistance to families in need. Collaborates with local businesses and community members to provide essential resources, ensuring that no family goes without.
  6. Edlio Central Health Clinic:

    • Description: Access medical services and health education conveniently located within the community. Promotes overall well-being and ensures students and families have access to healthcare resources.
  7. Edlio Technology Learning Center:

    • Description: Offers workshops and resources to help parents enhance their digital literacy skills. Learn about online safety, navigate educational platforms, and stay updated on technology trends.
  8. Edlio Community College Outreach Program:

    • Description: Connects high school parents with resources for continuing education and career development. Explore scholarship opportunities, workshops, and programs designed to support lifelong learning.
  9. Edlio Financial Literacy Workshops:

    • Description: Gain insights into budgeting, saving, and financial planning. Empower parents with the knowledge and skills to make informed financial decisions for their families.
  10. Edlio Community Job Board:

    • Description: Access local job listings and career resources. Connect with employment opportunities and explore career development options within the community.