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Administrative Departments

Our Edlio Central High School administrative team is here to help you. Know that students and parents are always welcome to come to us with concerns and ideas. The following is a listing of our administrative departments with brief explanations of what each department does to help our Edlio community.
  • Principal's Office - responsible for overall school administration and management, including setting policies and enforcing rules.
  • Attendance Office - responsible for managing student attendance records, tracking absences, and handling tardiness.
  • Guidance Counseling - responsible for providing academic, personal and career counseling to students.
  • College and Career Center - responsible for helping students plan for post-secondary education and careers, including college applications and financial aid.
  • Curriculum and Instruction - responsible for developing and implementing curriculum, and ensuring that students are meeting state and national standards.
  • Special Education - responsible for providing support and accommodations for students with special needs.
  • Athletics - responsible for managing school sports teams and athletic programs.
  • Student Activities - responsible for organizing and managing extracurricular activities, clubs, and events.